I am a senior citizen and I have been using pest control companies 40+ years, both the big boys and the small independently/locally run organizations. And from that compilation of years and years of experiences with pest controllers, I would unequivically state that this is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST PEST CONTROL COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF DEALING WITH; including the appointment desk, technicians, management, accounts receivable; literally everyone. From top/down to down/up. I really hope that as you continue to grow you adhere to the high level of gestalt you already embrace.

— Ana C.

These folks do excellent work at a reasonable price. I had a termite infestation a year ago and they quickly came out and took care of it. They will reinspect annually and address any problems. Workers are courteous, knowledgeable and efficient.

— Larry H.

Professional and caring! Awesome service inside and out!

— Bree K.

Fast and free estimate that gave me all the information I needed! I feel like I should have paid for the estimate because of all the money they saved me. 

— Kelly A.

Excellent service at reasonable prices. They stand behind the services.

— Kenneth P.

This is a GREAT company, I have used them for over 17 years on multiple properties. They really kill bugs without trapping you into a monthly contract. They know who you are and what your property needs are. For instance termite treatment under the house involves going through your garage, or calling your renter who's name and number they have on file for a rent house. If you have a problem they always stand behind their work, they don't just say "it's Texas, we have roaches!" They are considerate, caring, smart and honest, and oh yes, very fair prices.

— Joan F.

Knowledgeable about all critters, attention to detail, friendly, listens, great service! Mr. Hobbs took care of my problem...No more bugs.

— Mike J.

Professional. Reliable. Effective.
Quote ImageThis is absolutely the best pest control company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. — Ana C.
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